Архив метки: Christmas

Russian Christmas peculiarities

Do you know that Russian people celebrate Christmas two times every year? )

First time — prior to a New Year (as their Western friends do) and second — traditional Russian Orthodox Christmas, which is celebrated on January 7th. )

Also celebration of a New Year in this country is traditionally more important for some reason (maybe because of the fact that Russian Orthodox Christmas goes after a New Year celebration or maybe due to a long period of communist regime in the Soviet Union when many people were persecuted for their Christianity)…

Anyway many things have changed since then and millions of Russians all over the world celebrate this bright and a little bit mysterious holiday!

Hint: You can congratulate your Russian friend up to January 13th… (this is when a New Year comes according to the old style Julian calendar).

Remember also that most of the Russian people go to their jobs up to December 31st.
Seems strange, but it’s a fact.

Christmas Greetings

Christmas Season is almost here!

Of course you would like to congratulate your Russian friends and loved ones
especially if they are far away from the place you are right now.

Their heart will be blessed in a special way if your card is a surprise to them.

Write it in Russian — and watch a rejoicing soul on the other side of the planet!

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