to remove the language barrier, as such, and to make your communication effective

We are here for you to put up a bridge between you and your Russian-speaking business partners, friends, buddies and loved ones.
Our mission is to make your life easier a little bit. Whether you are going to surprize your special one or to send a season greetings to a well-respected business-partner, we are ready to facilitate you and make sure your message will correspond your feelings, thoughts and attitudes — all these nuances in their native language!

Another point is to serve you as an immediate link between Russian and English speaking parties right now, wherever you are located at the moment. We interpret via Skype or via telephone for you.


  • Business, E-Commerce, Finance, Marketing
  • Christian, Theological, Religion, Social Sciences
  • Beauty, Fashion, Cosmetic, Packaging
  • Finances and Accounting
  • Legal and Court documents
  • Technical, Automotive, Military, Aviation
  • Tourism, Travelling, Geopraphic

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